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In my first years as a graphic designer, my world consisted mainly of paper, books and magazines. To give you an example, my bachelor and master thesis were both printed books (Yes — I am that old). So i was born analog, but i wanted to become more digital.

In the last three years, I have done my own personal digitalization and transformed from the analog design world into a digital one to the point that last weekend I created and launched my first crypto art — an NFT.

But First — What is an NFT?

I have read about NFTs before from time to time. Then…

I am a pretty frequent user of LinkedIn — as I do like the style of the network much more than for example Xing, and I feel like it has a much more active community. And I get spammed a lot with advertisements about security appliance, firewall, identify management systems, and so on. But what most people do not know: Security, no matter if it is a firewall, VPN appliance or ballot system — it always starts at the firmware level. Let’s learn how to build such a system — and why security always starts in the firmware.

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Security Engineers…

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From time to time — it happens: Someone broke the master branch. Depending on the project size, regression testing can be very hard and exhausting. And after a couple of merged commits one does notice that one of the last 50 commits did introduce a regression and the upstream master branch is broken.

Finding this commit which introduced the regression is hard and exhausting if you do it by hand e.g. test one commit after another. This might be something you can do if you have, let’s say five commits between a known working configuration and not working configuration. You…

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Today I’d like to share some advanced concepts in C with you. I encounter these concepts which are nice features but are rarely used, or at least I don’t see them often used. Today we will discuss…


It appears to me, that very few people either use structures or know what they are and good for.

A structure creates a data type that can be used to group items of possibly different types into a single type.

Structures are more about readability. We can group variables that belong together. Let’s assume you need to handle someone’s address. …

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A lot of developers struggling with undoing commits in git. From time to time, one accidentally commits changes that should not be in the tree. I like to show you how to undo these changes, either locally or remotely.

Basically a file can be in three different states. It can be untracked, unstaged or staged. Untracked files have never been added to the tree yet — meaning they are completely new. Unstaged files are files that have already been in the tree but have been modified. These modified changes can be added to the next state files that can be…

Intel is one of the biggest semiconductors in the world and inventor of the x86 architecture. In the last years, Intel invented a couple of Trust Technologies. One of the first was the Intel Management Engine, called Intel ME.

Intel Management Engine

The Intel Management Engine is an autonomous part within the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) on your mainboard, which can control everything: Turning your computer on/off and log into your computer regardless if an operating system is installed or not. The Intel ME firmware resides in the internal flash which sits on each mainboard. When the CPU starts, it loads the firmware…

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2020 will be an exciting year for the Embedded Systems/Hardware Programmers. In the server/desktop world, Intel will release their new Whitley/Ice Lake chipsets, AMD has their new Ryzen processor waiting to be released, RISC-V gains more traction and Intel confirms Apple switching to ARM CPUs for their desktop/MacBooks product line.

With more and more IoT applications, the MCU markets tend to grow again. Thus the demand for Embedded Systems Engineers will be higher than ever before. These are the upcoming trends in the low-level programming segment.

Programming Languages

When we talk about writing code that runs close to the hardware layer, the…

Git Log in the Shell

Every coder knows it and has to, or loves to work with it — Git. Git changes the way I worked — and who does not remember the endless Ctrl-Z presses to get back to the working state before you rewrote the whole code base.

Git is a version-control system which lets you track your changes in the code while developing software. It is useful when you work in teams, but also when you are working alone — git is a must IMHO.

When I started my new job a couple of months ago, I thought I already know my…

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Firmware is the most powerful software that runs on a platform. It can tear your security concerns apart if configured wrongly, and it can prevent your platform from booting if written faulty. So it should be more important what is running on the lowest level of hardware on your platform. There are several alternatives for the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) your server or laptop is running right now.

BIOS is dead since 10 years ago.

Nowadays the Firmware — this is how you actually call it — can be built upon various frameworks. Most of the firmware today supports…

Roughly one year after receiving my university degree I had the chance to get a job as a team leader in a startup, which might be the best decision I ever made — at least when I look back. When you read articles about what a team leader does, it always states something like “Monitor the process of the team and keeps track of the deadlines”. I agree that this is important, but natural by the role itself. Here is what I learned from jumping straight into the cold leadership water.

How it all started

By the time I started my job, I was…

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